XML Database

The ClipNotes teams has established a database of XML files, most of which were created by students in UCLA film studies classes. Many of the files here are analyses of the film that trace a series of audiovisual patterns or motifs through the film. Also, a series of files were created as instructional aids that were used to teach film form and style in the “History of American Motion Picture” course at UCLA. We hope that they will be useful for other instructors as well; the instructional XML files are available here.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite XML files in a series called Featured XML Files, as well as a few series of files that demonstrate some of the potential use of this database, such as creating ‘bundles’ for prominent directors (Hitchcock Series) and common audiovisual motifs (POV Series).

We hope the community of film scholars will help us build an extensive database of analytical and instructional material. Submissions are encouraged! Please contact stephen.mamber [at] gmail.com

Full Database

FilmDirectorYearCountryFormatFile DescriptionXML Author
28 Days LaterDanny Boyle2002USADVDThree patterns: surveillence shots from security cameras,obstructed views, and mirrors/reflections.Alexandra Schroeder
3 IronKi-duk Kim2004South KoreaDVDThree patterns: statues, photographs, and paintings.Bryan Wuest
The Age of InnocenceMartin Scorsese1993USADVDThree patterns: flowers, hands, and ornate interiors.Lindsay Giggey
Barton FinkJoel Coen1991USADVDThree patterns: transitions, offscreen space, and godly light.DeMille
Battle in HeavenCarlos Reygadas2005BelgiumDVDSix patterns: Queues, corridors, blindness, subjectivity, painting, and flagsHilo
A Beautiful MindRon Howard2001USADVDTwo patterns: visual clues to John's mental process, and hear/don't hear fantasy characters before see them.
Buffalo 66Vincent Gallo1998USADVDTwo patterns: bird's eye view and subjective camera.Knutsen
CasablancaMichael Curtiz1942USADVD - 2003Instructional: Narrative ConstructionAndrew deWaard
Chungking ExpressKar Wai Wong1994Hong KongDVDFour patterns: divisions/separation, objects to subjects, isolation, tight spacesKim
Citizen KaneOrson Welles1941USADVD - 2001Instructional: CinematographyBryan Wuest
City of GodFernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund2002BrazilDVDFour patterns: chase scenes, strobe lights, photographs, and rooftop transitions.Amirpour
The ConformistBernardo Bertolucci1970ItalyDVDThree patterns: color represents central female characters, Surrealism, and use of light to represent city settingsStuardi
ContemptJean-Luc Godard1963FranceDVDFive patterns: Voice/POV, color represents central characters, characters from Homer's Odyssey, framing separating characters, and critiques of Hollywood.Catherine Dewar
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her LoverPeter Greenaway1989UKDVDThree patterns: food as grotesque, the color red symbolizing danger, and autonomous/artistic camera.Jose Gallegos
Days of HeavenTerrence Malick1978USADVDFive patterns: overwhelming surroundings that overshadow people, unsettling natural elements, POV shots, mirroring of two main characters, and exchanges of glances with the camera.Harrison Gish
Do The Right ThingSpike Lee1989USADVD - 20th Anniversary EditionInstructional: Stylistic-Thematic AnalysisAndrew deWaard
Don't Look NowNicolas Roeg1973UKDVDTthree patterns: the color red symbolizing danger and death, reflections, and shattered glass. Dragotto
ElephantGus Van Sant2003USADVDThree patterns: intersecting lines and grids, the color red, and reiterations.Ackerman
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindMichel Gondry2004USADVDFive patterns: color, objects joining memory, destruction/disappearances/fading away, playfulness, surrealism/distortionJanell Rohan
Footlight ParadeLloyd Bacon1933USADVD - 2006Instructional: GenderDiana Dill
The GraduateMike Nichols1967USATwo patterns: wrong direction and moving characters, Jessica Fowler
I Am LoveLuca Guadagnino2009ItalyDVDThree patterns: light and color, house, and handsSaundarya Thapa
I ConfessAlfred Hitchcock1953USADVDFour patterns: religious iconography, city, shadow/obstruction, and subjective gaze, Andrew Young
It's a Wonderful LifeFrank Capra1946USADVDThree patterns: doubling, photographs, and looking through objectsHartstone
The Last Picture ShowPeter Bogdanovich1971USADVDThree patterns: pan shots, doors, and thresholds Gamez
Lovers of the Arctic CircleJulio Médem1998SpainDVDFour patterns: reflections, shared POV, fades, and shooting through portalsDiaz
The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceJohn Ford1962USADVDSix patterns: vertical-horizontal, doorways, doubling, lights/lamps/matches, screen direction violation, and unmotivated camera movement.Jenni Fong-Govea
Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonFrank Capra1939USADVD - 1999, Columbia ClassicsInstructional: Interpretation and MeaningLindsay Giggey
North by NorthwestAlfred Hitchcock1959USADVDThree patterns: unexpected shot entrances/sideways camera movements, false appearances/lying/deception, and theatricalitySteve Mamber
NotoriousAlfred Hitchcock1946USAVideodiscFour patterns: subjectivity, psychologial movement, POV, and left/rightSteve Mamber
O Brother Where Art Thou (Option A)Joel Coen2000USADVDFour patterns: relationships between groups and individuals, fire, color, cowsKnapp
O Brother Where Art Thou (Option B)Joel Coen2000USADVDThree patterns: colors, threes, Hell
Pan's LabyrinthGuillermo del Toro2006MexicoDVDThree patterns: smooth transitions, color, and creatures emerging/fading Michael Potterton
PaprikaSatoshi Kon2006JapanDVDTen patterns: head space, costume changes, frame breaking, red lights, dolls, echoes/reflections, eyes/eye contact, use of red/blue, dremes, Wonder WomanClifford Galiher
Paris, TexasWim Wenders1984USADVDFive patterns: POV, camera movements, signs/murals, scene transitions, and off-screen dialogue
Psycho (Option A)Alfred Hitchcock1960USAVideodiscTwo patterns: doubling and turning to lookSteve Mamber
Psycho (Option B)Alfred Hitchcock1960USADVDInstructional: SoundHeather Birdsall
Raw DealAnthony Mann1948USAVideodiscTwo patterns: oblique angles, isolated light sourcesSteve Mamber
RedKrzysztof Kieslowski1994France, Switzerland, PolandDVDThree patterns: glass/reflections/light, linkages between Auguste and Valentine, linkages between Auguste and JulieSteve Mamber
RepulsionRoman Polanski1965UKVideodiscTwo patterns: POV and ambiguous subjectivitySteve Mamber
RumblefishFrancis Ford Coppola1983USAVideodiscFour patterns: fish, glass, clocks, linking/doubling/subjectivitySteve Mamber
Se7enDavid Fincher1995USADVDFive patterns: clues, labyrinths/stairs, Chiaroscuro lighting, title cards, and rainBurtnett
The ServantJoseph Losey1963UKVideodiscThree patterns: role of decor, mirrors, circularitySteve Mamber
Sexy BeastJonathan Glazer2000UKDVDFourteen patterns: floating, parallelism/opposing images, rabbits, guns, hearts, fast/slow speed, match cuts, flashbacks, back of head, symmetry, overhead shots, glass, revolving objects, and push/pullGlienke
The ShiningStanley Kubrick1980USADVDThree patterns: tracking shots, mirrors, mad staresSteve Mamber
Shutter IslandMartin Scorsese2010USADVDSix patterns: POV, discontinuity, flashbacks, rearview projection, otherworldness, and light/fire/water/bloodMatthias Stork
Singin' In The RainStanley Donen, Gene Kelly1952USADVD - 2002Instructional: EditingHeather Birdsall
The Social NetworkDavid Fincher2010USADVDThree patterns: camera movements, colors, and screensJimmy Gilmore
Speed RacerThe Wachowskis2008USADVDFive patterns: speed, animation, chasing ghosts, color, and transitionsMeredith Levine
SpellboundAlfred Hitchcock1945USADVDTwo patterns: bars and doorsPaula Perez
StagecoachJohn Ford1939USADVD - 2006, 2 Disc Special EditionInstructional: GenreLindsay Giggey
Sullivan's TravelsPreston Sturges1941USADVDEight patterns: introduction, Sully's gaze, crowded frames, transitions between light and dark, shot party, Hollywood/slapstick, POV, and bodiesMcClain
SunriseF.W. Murnau1927USADVD - 2002, Fox Studio ClassicsInstructional: Mise-en-scèneBryan Wuest
SuspiriaDario Argento1977ItalyDVDFour patterns: windows, overwhelmed protagonist, clones, and flowersBen Sher
The Sweet Smell of SuccessAlexander Mackendrick1957USADVDSix patterns: looking away, doors, small push ins/pull outs, round corner reveal, subject in middle, and cityscape cross-fade matchBodie
The Best Years of Our LivesWilliam Wyler1946USADVD - 2000Instructional: CinematographyDiana Dill
There's Always TomorrowDouglas Sirk1956USADVDThree patterns: character positions, space/geography, obstrusive/commentative styleSteve Mamber
The Umbrellas of CherbourgJacques Demy1964FranceDVDEight patterns: tracking shots, lovers embrace, match on action, color reveals, lovers stroll, mirrors, looking out of windows, and head on shots Vanessa Mancia
VideodromeDavid Cronenberg1983CanadaDVDTwo patterns: fourth wall and hallucination, Michael Kmet
What's Up, Doc?Peter Bogdanovich1972USADVDSeven patterns: revealed/obscurred, Judy is OS, near misses, things are destroyed around Judy, Howard obliviously looks the wrong way, choreography and timing, and havoc/chaos Steve Cuden
Written on the WindDouglas Sirk1956USADVDFour patterns: mirrors, vertical objects, product placement, and frames within framesAndrew deWaard