New courses added: “Film & Social Change” and “History of African, Asian, and Latin American Film”

We’ve added annotation files for a variety of films for two core classes at UCLA:

UCLA – FTV 106C: History of African, Asian, and Latin American Film

  • Films annotated for this course: Rashomon, The Goddess, Ugetsu, Black Girl, Chungking Express, and The Killer
  • Form and style topics covered: diegetic/non-diegetic sound, costumes, cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene, melodrama, gun-fu genre, symbolism, tone, temporality
  • Thematic topics covered: post-colonialism, race, gender, cultural themes

UCLA – FTV 112: Film and Social Change

  • Films annotated for this course: Selma, Do the Right Thing, White Dog, Fruitvale Station, Network, and The Square
  • Form and style topics covered: cinematography, doubling, strategic anachronism, discursiveness
  • Thematic topics covered: the social problem film, race, scene analysis, and contemporary issues of American culture, politics, and media

That makes three UCLA classes in total, including FTV 6A: History of the American Motion Picture.

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