ClipNotes Publication in Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier Vol 3.3

An article about ClipNotes has been published in the latest issue of Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier, which summarizes how ClipNotes works, how it can be used as a teaching tool, and some of the broader aspirations of the project. Check it out here:

ClipNotes in the Classroom: Video Annotation Software for Instruction and Collaboration by Andrew deWaard

The article is part of an issue entitled “DH and Media Studies Crossovers.” Edited by Melanie E.S. Kohnen & Leah Shafer, this special issue brings:

the lively discussion about the points of connection between media studies and DH into the classroom so that we may forge a closer connection between methodologies and technologies. This issue of Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier asks how DH work, with its emphases on innovative scholarly architectures, multimedia components, and cross-disciplinary hybridity, speaks to evolving trends in media studies pedagogy. Significantly, this cross-over reveals that approaches adapted from the Digital Humanities have shifted media studies pedagogy from relying on conventional essays toward an embrace of critical media production as a means of analysis.

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