Scorsese, Altman, and Kubrick XML Collection

A message from Stephen Mamber, lead developer of ClipNotes, as well as professor/vice chair of Cinema and Media Studies at UCLA:

In the Summer of 2015, I taught a graduate class on the films of Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman, and Stanley Kubrick. I decided to teach for the first time by having all my lecture/presentation/discussions in ClipNotes. I used Apple AirPlay through an Apple TV connected to a monitor in order to display my examples in class, while the notes were intended for my use while presenting the examples. As a result, these notes aren’t always too polished, but I think the ClipNotes xml files here provide a useful sense of the examples and ideas we were able to explore. I consider this experiment highly successful, especially for allowing me to present lots of ideas about many examples throughout these films, which I found to be the ideal way to explore the questions of visual style, especially as they apply to individual great directors, which I was interested in presenting. Put simply, it’s really useful to be ready with ten or twenty examples in a film, and to present them this way. This is far from the only manner in which ClipNotes can be put to use, but I hope it is a a helpful example. Here are the film titles we did and the xml files for each title.

– Steve Mamber

FilmDirectorYearCountryFormatFile DescriptionXML Author
Mean StreetsMartin Scorsese1973USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Taxi DriverMartin Scorsese1976USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Raging BullMartin Scorsese1980USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
King of ComedyMartin Scorsese1982USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
After HoursMartin Scorsese1985USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Age of InnocenceMartin Scorsese1993USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
HugoMartin Scorsese2011USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Shutter IslandMartin Scorsese2010USADVDVisual StyleMatthias Stork
M*A*S*HRobert Altman1970USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
McCabe and Mrs. MillerRobert Altman1971USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
The Long GoodbyeRobert Altman1973USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
NashvilleRobert Altman1975USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Buffalo Bill and the IndiansRobert Altman1976USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean Jimmy DeanRobert Altman1982USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
The PlayerRobert Altman1992USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
The KillingStanley Kubrick1956USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Paths of GloryStanley Kubrick1957USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
LolitaStanley Kubrick1962USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Dr. StrangeloveStanley Kubrick1964USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Clockwork OrangeStanley Kubrick1971USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Barry LyndonStanley Kubrick1975USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
Full Metal JacketStanley Kubrick1987USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber
The ShiningStanley Kubrick1980USADVDVisual StyleStephen Mamber

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