ClipNotes is an app for presenting video with annotations

ClipNotes is designed for use with any film or video in which you want to quickly and easily retrieve selected segments and display them along with your notes or annotations. The uses may be educational, personal, or any time you want to use video in a convenient and informative manner. In order to display notes along with your video, you must first prepare an XML file which contains the starting and stopping times of the segments you wish to access, together with a caption to appear on a list, and any description or annotation you want to display along with the clip. Preparing an XML file is a remarkably easy procedure, as is using ClipNotes. The app comes preloaded with a short public-domain film and an introductory XML file, so that you can immediately see the usefulness and power of ClipNotes, but you can of course use your own videos and notes/annotations. We also have a vast collection of XML files for teaching purposes in our database.

Student Testimonials:


“ClipNotes has been extremely helpful. I am a visual learner, so to have examples of terms directly from the movies we have seen in class is neat. ¬†Also to have all of the movies available is so nice.”

“The annotations helped me a lot when writing my paper as well as making correlations from the lecture concepts to the films.”

“ClipNotes is an excellent tool for watching films reviewed in class and really getting to the root of what the professor/TAs want you to see.”