Trouble with a ClipNotes presentation is most often caused by problems with either the XML file or video file.

On Windows 8.1, the presentation will be blank when you attempt to play it.
On iOS, the ClipNotes software will simply crash when you attempt to open it.

To check whether your error is XML- or video-based, try substituting in working files one at a time.

EXAMPLE: Your Casablanca presentation is having problems, but you have a working Psycho presentation.

  • casablanca.mp4 + casablanca.xml   = crashes
  • psycho.mp4 + psycho.xml                  = works
  • casablanca.mp4 + psycho.xml           = if ClipNotes opens, your problem is with casablanca.xml.
  • psycho.mp4 + casablanca.xml           = if ClipNotes opens, your problem is with casablanca.mp4.

Errors in XML Files

Be precise with your XML formatting; errors or omissions will make ClipNotes unable to read the file.  Try these suggestions for common XML errors:

  • Make sure you remember forward slashes (/) in each closing tag.
  • Double check your numbers in your start and end time, and don’t forget colons between hours:minutes:seconds.
  • Assure all of your tags are correctly closed.  A quick way to do this is by searching, for example, “start” and “/start” and making sure both return the same number of results.

Errors in Video Files

If you’re using Handbrake, check our tutorial to make sure you’ve encoded your video file properly or try a different preset.  If you’re using another encoder, check to make sure the file is compatible with your system, or try a different codec or format when encoding the video file.

Are you encountering an error not addressed in this page or any of our tutorials? Please leave a comment below.

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