FTV 112: Film and Social Change

You can use ClipNotes to learn and review some of the films of 112. The app is especially helpful for working on class papers that call for film analysis.

Detailed instructions on operating ClipNotes are available in the how-to section.

You can sign out one of 10 iPads from the Arts Library; each iPad includes films from FTV 112, as well as others. You must use your own BruinCard to check out an iPad.

Checkout Location: Arts Library Circulation Desk

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Checkout Period: 4 hours, with option to renew once

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To cite a ClipNotes file in an essay, follow the example below:

  • MLA:
    deWaard, Andrew. “Do the Right Thing.” Clipnotes. http://clipnotes.org/wp-content/uploads/XML/DoTheRightThing-Instructional.xml
  • Chicago:
    Andrew deWaard. “Do the Right Thing.” Clipnotes. http://clipnotes.org/wp-content/uploads/XML/DoTheRightThing-Instructional.xml


FTV 112: Films and Topics Available on ClipNotes

FilmXML FileDirector YearFile DescriptionTerminology and Topics CoveredXML Author
Do the Right ThingDoTheRightThing.xmlSpike Lee1989Instructional: Style and ThemeCinematography, Long takes, Doubling Monica Sandler
Fruitvale StationFruitvaleStation.xmlRyan Coogler2013Instructional: Socially and Politically Conscious, Independent Black CinemaRepresentations of race, Realism, Racial infra-politics, Social problem film Ritvik Dhavale
NetworkNetwork.xmlSidney Lumet1976Instructional: Themes of American Culture, Politics, and MediaContemporary issues of American culture, politics, and media; Analysis of a single scene Melissa Oskouie, Ritvik Dhavale, Mohannad Ghawanmeh, James Fleury
SelmaSelma.xmlAva DuVernay2014Instructional: Civil Rights MovementDivergent methods for gaining civil rights; feminist perspective; embodied cinema; discursiveness; strategic anachronism Melissa Oskouie, Ritvik Dhavale
The SquareTheSquare.xmlJehane Noujaim2013Instructional: Protest and Revolution in Middle East Documentary narrative and structureMohannad Ghawanmeh
White Dog WhiteDog.xmlSamuel Fuller1982Instructional: Issues of RacismSchlock and the Social Problem FilmMohannad Ghawanmeh