Featured XML Files

This series of XML files features some highlights from our collection: they have been chosen because they are excellent examples of the detailed analysis made possible by ClipNotes.






FilmDirectorYearCountryFormatFile DescriptionXML Author
28 Days LaterDanny Boyle2002USADVDThree patterns: surveillence shots from security cameras,obstructed views, and mirrors/reflections.Alexandra Schroeder
City of GodFernando Meirelles & Kátia Lund2002BrazilDVDFour patterns: chase scenes, strobe lights, photographs, and rooftop transitions.Amirpour
ContemptJean-Luc Godard1963FranceDVDFive patterns: Voice/POV, color represents central characters, characters from Homer's Odyssey, framing separating characters, and critiques of Hollywood.
Days of HeavenTerrence Malick1978USADVDFive patterns: overwhelming surroundings that overshadow people, unsettling natural elements, POV shots, mirroring of two main characters, and exchanges of glances with the camera.Harrison Gish
ElephantGus Van Sant2003USADVDThree patterns: intersecting lines and grids, the color red, and reiterations.Ackerman
The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceJohn Ford1962USADVDSix patterns: vertical-horizontal, doorways, doubling, lights/lamps/matches, screen direction violation, and unmotivated camera movement.Jenni Fong-Govea
PaprikaSatoshi Kon2006JapanDVDTen patterns: head space, costume changes, frame breaking, red lights, dolls, echoes/reflections, eyes/eye contact, use of red/blue, dremes, Wonder WomanClifford Galiher
Se7enDavid Fincher1995USADVDFive patterns: clues, labyrinths/stairs, Chiaroscuro lighting, title cards, and rainBurtnett
Sexy BeastJonathan Glazer2000UKDVDFourteen patterns: floating, parallelism/opposing images, rabbits, guns, hearts, fast/slow speed, match cuts, flashbacks, back of head, symmetry, overhead shots, glass, revolving objects, and push/pullGlienke
The Sweet Smell of SuccessAlexander Mackendrick1957USADVDSix patterns: looking away, doors, small push ins/pull outs, round corner reveal, subject in middle, and cityscape cross-fade matchBodie